Chitra teaches Rebirthing, Guided Meditations and also creates special meditations in India. She trained directly under the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork Leonard Orr and has been teaching since 2000.

Chitra has been highly intuitive since childhood and utilizes this gift while guiding people. She is a healer and started on this journey in 1997 with Reiki. She became aware of Rebirthing Breathwork in a dream in 2000 when she had a severe spine (neural) problem and was bedridden. She was guided in the dream to do Breathwork.

Chitra was blessed with the Healing Energy on Full Moon Night of October, 2016. She combines this with another healing technique that was revealed to her in a dream and other healing meditations. IN addition to healing modalities, she has a creative spirit and makes hand-made jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones and energise them.

The true purpose of her life is to help and guide people in healing themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and having a connection with the Source / Universe.

Transformative Travel Experiences

Discovering parts of yourself

Be guided into meditations

Sacred Sariska

Experience the peaceful and divine energies at Bhatrihari’s temle. Surrounded by national parks.


Transformational Experiences





Mahavatar Babaji

Experience aarti in Sariska

Visit Rishikesh

Visit Haidakhan

Guiding You


Still silence in serene surroundings as you start to feel an otherworldly presence.


Allow your own gifts to come forth.

Feel Ignited

You are a conduit, feel waves of energy come through the group.

Mystical Energy Centre

The Conscious Guide to Khajuraho

Where your sacral chakra comes alive, this is a land of creativity and transformation. Both a place of relaxation and overcome challenges