Locational Astrology

Have you ever visted a place and felt like it completely resonated with you? 

Your personal astrological profile on a map

I’m sure we’ve all been to places that are simply beautiful and they evoke a warm happy feeling inside of us. What about when that feeling is much stronger? and it’s not because it’s an ancient site or ley line. Believe it or not! you can actually plot out your astrological planets and their aspects in a line on the earth. These areas harness the energy of that planet or aspect and when you visit these areas interesting things happen.

Open Your Heart

I was sitting on a train travelling across India and all of a sudden energy came into my heart. It was soft and I felt my heart centre opening and I wondered, is there a planetary line here? I checked where I was on my phone maps where I store all of my lines. Sure enough, for a few kilometers I was travelling over my Venus line. There’s an ashram high up in the Himalayas which I love to visit and have made kind and loving connections with people there. No wonder it’s right at the side of my Venus line.

Simply Shine

There are places where simply shine because it feels so great being there. These are Sun line locations. 

Planetary Aspects

Additional areas.

View Your Map

All you need is the town you were born in, the date and the time you were born. It’s really important that you find out the right time because for every minute difference there’s a 15 km different on the map. Visit astro.com to look up a map with just the planet lines. Or consult a Locational Astrologer to go through both the planets and aspects with you.

Locational Astrology Map showing MC & IC (straight lines) AC & IC (curved lines)

Crossing of Uranus and Neptune:

In these locations your previous understanding of reality collapses and becomes more spiritual and transcendental. 

Where earth energy points and your locational astrology lines meet, the energy is prolific.

Moon conjunct Jupiter Line

“I had the most amazing insights and inspiration in this area and I realised how to move forward with my arts project”

Coming Soon - the Conscious Guide to the Healing Hills of Clare

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