Prosperity Consciousness

8 July, 2021

The Conscious Guide to Prosperity Consciousness

Have fun playing the Money Game

This workshop Handout accompanies the Prosperity Consciousness workshop.

It can be done on your own but it is more powerful to have someone do it with you, whom you are accountable to.

This workshop was called the “Prosperity Consciousness Consultation,” and was originally written by Leonard D. Orr the Founder of Rebirthing Breathwork. It was delivered as a seminar in his Rebirthing Breathwork trainings. Leonard was a pioneer of the New Age movement and led prosperity consciousness seminars back in the 1970s.

This book invites us to discover what our unconscious blocks are towards creativity which is the precursor to abundance and prosperity. We delve into changing poverty consciousness in to prosperity consciousness and how creative thinking gets your prosperity mojo back.

Get your creativity mojo into gear.

Prosperity begins within you

Being CREATIVE is the key!

Find your money blocks

Unravel your unconscious thinking

Learn the power negotiation

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