The Healing Hills of Clare

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Set in the idyllic rolling hills of south-west Ireland spanning southern Galway and East Clare is the home to a diverse and progressive community, attracting alternative lifestyle and healing practitioners. The area is quite magical and abundant with thin places where the veil between worlds is thin.

The Wise Woman of Clare

They say that the healers come from Clare. Biddy Early lived near Feakle in the 1800s and is renowned as a healer who conversed with the fairy folk. She gathered herbs and plants before sun-rise with the morning dew still on them was reminiscent of the earlier alchemists, who regarded dew as being ‘a secretion from dawning light’. She appears to have been a generous woman who rarely accepted monetary payments, preferring instead gifts of food. You can visit her cottage which is derelict and the land is overgrown but has an amazing feel. Park up further along the road and respect the locals access drives.

Retread the footsteps of Yeats and his Mates

Southern Galway a skip over the border, enticed and was an inspiration to Yeats and his mates over many summer sojourns. Thoor Ballylee was Yeats’ home for 12 years, he was enchanted by the spirit of the surrounding landscape which was evoked through his poetry.

We adventure in the delights of Coole Park, where Yeats was entertained by Lady Gregory. Then our journey takes us to a magical site next to a river. Followed by a square stone alignment. 

The Sheela Na Gig Trail

Many Sheela-Na-Gigs have been removed however, there are some left in situ and also on exhibition.

Visit the largest ring fort in Ireland

Some places are a joy to vist. We walk through woods to the outer ring then progress past a cashel to the centre ring. There’s a modern tower which presents an impressive view over the county. We take time to connect with ourselves in this location.

Brian Boru’s Fort – Béal Ború

Killaloe was home to Ireland’s last High King Brian Boru. There are various sites we visit, but the most impressive is the ring fort which has interesting energy. We will spend time here and take it in.

Hours were wiled away by Yeats in this magical spot.

The ruin of the home of the wise woman of Clare.

The mystery of the Sheela-Na-Gigs

Take some time and connect with yourself

Feel free to let your creativity flow, we can sing, dance, bring an instrument or simply sit, breathe and take it all in. This journey is about connection and of course having a bit of craic!

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