Magical Irish Journeys


Connect with Ireland’s mystical landscape

Take a step into an enchanting world, where the veil is thin, stir your creativity and feel renewed.

Private experiential visits to ancient sites.

Join Ciara on an inspirational journey in Ireland’s west.

Visit locations in County Clare & County Limerick.

Visit hillforts, ruined templar castles, stone circles,  energetic sites, historical sites.

And as on all of our tours, you’ll see the unspoiled hidden places few visitors ever see on other tours. You’ll be delving into the sacred landscape into the ancient past of mystical hills, stone circles, passage tombs, holy wells, monastic ruins, castle ruins and archeological wonders.

The sacred sites in Ireland’s ancient west have a wild energy about them. Some of the monastic sites are built on former pagan sites, and over the years the rituals of both cultures have melded together and a single spirituality is layered into the landscape. 

As we journey sites we see them from the exterior but we will also be journeying interally.


Sacred Samothrace

Sacred Samothrace

Coming soon.. the Conscious Guide to SamothraceSamothrace (pronounced Samothraki) is a well kept secret in the Aegean. Thankfully due to its lack of easily accessible fine sandy beaches, it has evaded mass tourism and this is one of its alluring calling cards. If you...

Lago Atitlán

Lago Atitlán

The Heart of the Heart Lake Atitlán is the spiritual hub of Guatemala and the heart energy of the lake environs is quite phenomenal. The lake is located not only in the heart of Guatemala but also it is the heart of the Americas and is the central point of the rainbow...

Magical Iceland

Magical Iceland

Iceland is Calling - Do you feel it? This land has more than just raw beauty, it has messages and healing to share. Rejuvenate your soul and venture to the land of waterfalls, volcanoes and the Hidden People. In the land of ice and fire there’s something about Iceland...