Magical Iceland

Written by Longman

25 November, 2019

Iceland is Calling – Do you feel it?

This land has more than just raw beauty, it has messages and healing to share. Rejuvenate your soul and venture to the land of waterfalls, volcanoes and the Hidden People.

In the land of ice and fire there’s something about Iceland that ignites your own fire of imagination and creativity bursting to be expressed.

The Snaefellsnes peninsula is magical and it is said to be the place where you open your heart chakra wide open and assist you in healing the wounds of the heart. The energy here permeates through you, opening your heart so that you feel the clarity of vision and connection.

A lot of Iceland is powered by clean energy and characterised by its proximity to nature, you cannot but help feel the purity of the environment here. So get ready to commune with all of the elements; fire dancing, introspection in hotsprings, breathwork and connecting with nature spirits.

The Conscious Guide to Iceland is in the making! so watch this space


Elephant Rock

The Northern Lights

Kirkjufell Mountain

Graffiti Art in Reykjavik

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